How to use
image generator

What is Enterpix Image Generator?

Enterpix Image Generator is an AI image generation tool that uses the latest AI model Stable-Diffusion and a GPT-3 based Prompt Enhancer. It’s currently in beta and free to use.

What is Stable-Diffusion?

Stable-Diffusion is the latest open-source state-of-the-art AI image generator. It is based on the diffusion model and can be controlled by entering text prompt. When the text prompt is entered, it first creates a completely noisy image then gradually recover the noise to get the final noise-free image.

What is Prompt Enhancer?

Enterpix Image Generator utilizes Prompt Enhancer to help users achieve better results without complicated and repetitive efforts for prompt engineering and hyper-parameter tuning. Prompt Enhancer automatically adjusts prompts and hyper-parameters to get the most satisfactory image result from user’s prompt(description).

What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt engineering is a process of finding the best prompt so that AI can do exactly what you want it to do. (e.g. turning words into art)

Can I regenerate the same image again?

Detailed information about the generated image (e.g. prompt, negative prompt, model config) can be found through the EXIF metadata of the image file.

Can I adjust the weight of the prompt?

We currently do not support emphasis feature using parentheses (e.g. (), {}, []), so all parentheses are automatically removed before entering the model.